Sonoma County Summer

What is a 20-Something supposed to do in Northern CA all summer while she works and goes to her internship? ———— Sonoma County is beautiful, vast and full of culture. With 4 colleges in tow and numerous rivers, there must be lots of activities and places to see!  …well that is for a 20-something who … More Sonoma County Summer

My Second Snowfall

Disclaimer: There is alot of excitement in this post. Take a California girl and place her on the east coast during winter, this is the result. —————- Saturday, Jan. 7th I woke up this morning and the sky was kind of white. It must be because I woke up to early and the sun hasn’t … More My Second Snowfall

My New Tumblr

Here’s my new tumblr blog!! Add tumblr on your phone and check out my new blog if you have time!! —- Love,  The Blindian‚ú®