Sonoma County Summer

What is a 20-Something supposed to do in Northern CA all summer while she works and goes to her internship?


Sonoma County is beautiful, vast and full of culture. With 4 colleges in tow and numerous rivers, there must be lots of activities and places to see! 

…well that is for a 20-something who wants to party and create some more Snapchat Memories, it’s a bit difficult.

I attend SSU. I graduate next spring so this is my last summer up here in wine country. I want to take advantage of the close proximity I am with the music festivals and bike tours but as a young person, I have a tight budget and I want to go with friends. That means lots and lots of planning. 

Planning Phase 1:

Finding Friends to Go With Me

Who should I ask to go to events with me? This is the time I can suggest events to flaky friends. Friends who during the school year say they’ll go out but just sit inside and watch netflix for hours on end after studying for the day. Mabye if I mention cool jazz festivals, their interest will be peaked. Also it’s the time to ask roommates. I have new roommates, old roommates, best friends who spend so much time at my house (aka honorary roommates). These people can’t get rid of me so I’ll ask them also. Too bad we all have jobs. 

Planning Phase 2a:

Picking a Location to Go To Events

This is a pre- phase because I can’t just look at awesome events and then be bummed that they happen to be on the other side of the country. *COUGH COUGH SUNDANCE FESTIVAL* I have to look at events in Sonoma County because if I’m inviting friends, they’re lazy and won’t want to drive very far… sigh. Also I have to consider whether or not I am the transportation or if we’re going to use Lyft or Über. 

Planning Phase 2b:

Deciding on Transportation

Can I take the bus to go to these events? Thankfully it’s free since 15 for SSU students to use the SCT (sonoma county transit) but not all my friends are active students. Am I going down to SF? Parking is awful in big cities… so much to think about.

Planning Phase 3a: 

EVENTS! (Who to go with)

Finally I have reached the events phase. What do I want to do? Who will go to me to an art museum? Would Ally perfer a wine tour? What about Gretchen who loves animals? Is there a fair nearby? What about Gustavo who loves biking? Do my friends like jazz just as much as I do (Healdsburg Jazz Festival)? Do they have the budget for classical music at beautiful venues (WIELL HALL)? All my friends are so diverse which is a plus because that means more friends to go to events to but since most of their interests don’t overlap that means no big groups (no group discounts 😦 boo).

Planning Phase 3b:

EVENTS! (What do I want to do)

Now that I’ve narrowed down my search to only Sonoma County and thought about my friends and their interests, what can I do! Sonoma County is vast remember? That means I have to limit my search to city since I’m generally looking at events in SANTA ROSA, SONOMA, PETALUMA, HEALDSBURG, SEBASTOPOL, ROHNERT PARK, WINDSOR, COTATI, GUERNEVILLE, CLOVERDALE, KENWOOD, GEYSERVILLE, JENNER, THE SEA RANCH, BODEGA, CAZADERO, VALLEY FORD, DUNCAN MILLS, RIO NIDO, ANNAPOLIS, SALMON, CREEK FULTON, and BLOOMFIELD. 

Here’s where some apps come in handy….

Afar: Most Helpful for Me

An app that is actually made after a nice minimalist magazine. All about travel. “Be fearless. Travel NOW.” 


The classic travel app your grandpa probably has. You know, to attend funky soul artist collabs on the weekend.


An aesthetically, easy to use app that works without Internet. Helps you plan “city walks”. Thank you!!!


“Discover the world’s coolest insider tours and activities with Viator…” it’s pretty to the point and updated constantly. 

Planning Phase 4: 

Going to Events!

Haha, jk. I haven’t gotten that far.


I’ll try to review/write about events as I go around Sonoma County this summer! 

– The Blindian out😎


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