How to Commute

The alarm goes off at 5am. You didn’t get much sleep last night because the season finale of your favorite show dragged on till midnight. The alarm is staring you in the face and is most likely waking up your roommates. 

Dragging yourself out of bed, you lament about the moon still being visible and how far you have to go. Brushing your teeth and fixing your hair for the day, you try to remember that you need gas in your car. You’re only driving for an hour… how long can you drive on E again? 

You nearly forget to put on shoes and hop into the car. Your office attire is a little lazy today but noone will notice with your brightly colored attire. The neighbour’s dog barks at you making sure you feel rushed. It’s already 6am, you usually go much faster.

The same barista at Pete’s Coffee knows your order and helps speed up the drive through process. You see the Golden Gate bridge in site, you’re almost there. Gosh darnit, some lookiloo’s decide to slow down traffic. Dang tourists. 

You nearly arrive and slide into the elevator after swiping your key card. You say hi to Bob the security gaurd and wonder about how many other women in the building he’s asked out to date before in the office. 

Sitting down with your banana after dashing your empty cup into the trashcan, you’re realived. Commuting this morning was no different than any other day and your boss in a good mood. Relax, you made it. 


So hello everyone! I have been traveling alot locally. Using my car, the bus and my bike to get around places. I’m lucky that my “commute” is really only 5 miles to get to school but since I’m in the Bay area, it seems like everyone is commuting to San Fransisco to get to work in the mornings. I wanted to make a shoutout to those who go so far to make a living. You rock! 

Leela Hamm, the Blindian ✨


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