Northern California Weather

Confusing saturday, ya’lll!

… I just don’t understand the weather where I live. As most of you know I live (with my parents) but during school (I go to SSU) I’m in NorCal. Specifically, Rohnert Park.

It’s been on and off flash-flooding here. I repeat, on and off FLASH FLOODING! It’s been driving me crazy. I never know what to wear outside because the sun will shine bit it’s quite a lie. Kind of reminds me of Jersey! Hmm I wonder what the weather is there…? 

-insert weather app screenshot here-

There’s lots of websites that help predict weather and summarize crazy events that have happend. This one is my favourite:

An excerpt from the website:

“The temperature of water an individual will feel comfortable in is very much personal preference. What feels unbearably cold to one person for a swim might be fine for another. We have created our own Swimming Water Temperature Index offering a guide to water temperature and comfort levels for swimming;

In January, for the nearest coastal location, the temperature of the sea averages around 13°C, that’s 55° Fahrenheit. Our index indicates for swimming this is considered cold and even the most hardy among us would find any more than a few minutes in the water uncomfortable.”

…how cute and helpful!! 😉

I hope all you Northern California people are staying dry! I hope everyone in Northern California has nice weather this following week!! It’s almost spring and I love Spring (my birthday month and flowers).🌸🌺



Leela Hamm✨


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