My Online Presence | Journal Entry

Happy Friday Everyone,

I am back in Northern CA just in time for the next challenging university semester. Did you watch my latest travel videos? Is it too obvious my new hobby is editing time lapse videos? I was just contemplating some things this morning. Bare with me. 

So I have a tumblr. In fact I have 7. Here are some screenshots of some. 

But the only one that matters is: 

… since it revovles around seeing the world. Now I had to really think about the aesthetics of each of these blogs. What am I trying to convey?

If you search “Leela Hamm” or “The Blindian ” on Google, you get a lot of search results. Is that a good or a bad thing? My parents have always told me that I need to focus on one aspect of my life and make that my shining star… but that’s just not who I am. I’m quirky, i’m random, i’m here to have fun and be stubborn to your critisms. 

Helen Keller was my favourite person ever when I was younger. I found her disabilities to be charming because of her outlook on life. She spoke to me as if saying that no matter how people may look at you, it matters most how you see yourself. In psychology we talk about the ID and EGO. About how you have 3 different selves. The way people see you, how you see yourself and who you want to be. I want to be well-rounded, I am well-rounded and I believe my mind is well-rounded. 

Having all these blogs and contribution websites can get taxing because I am always presenting a new self. Whether it be on Youtube, Tumblr, My Trending Stories, WordPress, ect. On some websites I am charming and straight forward. On others I am vague and always having an existential crisis.

Just something to continue thinking about I guess. It’s 2017. The first time I made an internet personality was playing with avatars on yahoo at age 10. I have come along way. 


Thanks for listening,



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