Poem Sunday: Jan. 8th 2017

Poem Sunday: The storm
A storm is rushing through 

The sun is trying to shine

Fighting the darkness 

It shines
The light

Her smile, 

Darkness tries to cloud her mind

But, her heart does not permit it around other people. 

But, when shes alone 

Destruction occurs

The storm is back

With rain, thunder and wind, 

Her mind clouded, 

but fighting. 

The storm passes. 

the light overcomes the darkness. 

Once again she’s smiling. 

No one seems to notice these things

Only she knows, 

She hides her emotions with happiness and kindness 

Shyness around new people, 

There she goes again 


Shes hurting, 

But no one knows. 
The storm keeps hitting. 

This time its a hurricane, 

Down in tears, feeling miserable and lonely, 

But, she overcomes it. 

Being her self is the light that she needs 

Shinning brighter than the sun..

Positivity is her life-blood. 

The storm will pass, and another will occur. 

She will be ready 

To fight again and again

Like every single day. 

Thanks for reading. Hope you all have a great New Year!✨

-Leela Hamm


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