My Second Snowfall

Disclaimer: There is alot of excitement in this post. Take a California girl and place her on the east coast during winter, this is the result.


Saturday, Jan. 7th

I woke up this morning and the sky was kind of white. It must be because I woke up to early and the sun hasn’t risen properly yet, is what I thought to myself. I continued to sleep and little did I know that it was actually snowing outside. A huge snowstorm was blowing up from the South.

I walked into the living room and greeted my parents. I was in a good mood because I had gotten some sleep last night. They told me it was snowing. I was stunned. I checked my phone and it was 20 degrees fareinheit… This doesn’t make sense but the scene outside the window proved my parents right.

(Picture taken later that evening after the snowstorm ended)

I was SO excited. I immedietley re-downloaded Snapchat in order to share this with my friends (I was taking a break). I took this picture: 

(Picture taken on our balcony 9/10AM)

…BECAUSE I WAS SO GOSH DARN EXCITED THAT I LOOK MY SHOES OFF TO FEEL THE SNOW. Apperently what this type of snow is called is powder. Makes sense. It’s so soft and beautiful. I couldn’t imagine being in this type of snow when my family lived in CA! Even Big Bear in CA didn’t have this type of snow because their snow was “faux snow”. My mom also informed me that this type is perfect for skiing… I may or may not have tried out skiing on it myself with boots and almost fell…

I am so lucky that my parents moved to the east coast. We won’t be here for long (hint-hint) but I’m glad it snowed. I’m really just glad it snowed. Could it have snowed on Christmas and made a “White Christmas” like my favourite movie/musical ever? Yes bit I’ll take what I can get. 

I spent all day walking around in my fabulous Winter WonderlandπŸ’™β˜ƒπŸ’™β˜ƒπŸ’™β˜ƒ

(The video is me making a snow angel. I’ve never uploaded a video in a post before… I hope it works.)


Happy winter,

Leela Hamm

P.S. I realize heavy snow in other states might not be the best thing and I hope you are all safe.


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