East Coast Weather (wth?!)

Oh happy day,

I’m on the east coast and I’m loving the weather here! I mean it’s below freezing but that’s the best type! My dream is to retire in Alaska one day. 

Yes, this alaska:

Anyway, the east coast is really strong with mother nature. True bonding. This last summer, I melted. MELTED LIKE THE WITCH FROM THE WIZARD OF OZ! I was in Washington Dc and I had never been there before. Thanks for the welcome?! 

It hasn’t snowed here yet and I’m kinda sad but it should soon right? I wasn’t here for Christmas so no “White Christmas” but maybe a “White Sunday”? (Idk, i made that up). Bottom line, Leela likes snow. 💙❄️

Let’s talk about  clothes for a second. I have like 10 heavy coats (sharing with my mom). We have fake fur, bright colors, some to blend in with snow. Now what do you wear for pants?! Last winter I wore tights then leggings then jeans. JEANS ARE NOT ENOUGH! I always thought jeans were the save all but apperently not?! #betrayed I’ve been wearing leggings under sweat pants at home and for someone who hates layers, this is pretty hard.

Hope everyone has a great vacation from school!!



Leela Hamm✨


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