Onto the Fifth Hotel

Hello Everyone!

I finally have Wi-Fi! I couldn’t post for a few days there because wi-fi wasn’t free/didn’t have connection at all but I’m back! I went to San Clemente, Irvine and Santa Ana these past two days. They were really cool! I know Southern California pretty well but not the Los Angeles/ Orange County area so exploring shops with my family was pretty memorable. 

I spend the most time in Irvine. It was cool there because the shopping mall area was very colorful and attractive. Purple and orange are great together! My brother has a nice gated community and I’m happy to see him growing on his own! 

-A picture of me in the Disney Store at the mall-

I really am so grateful that my parents have taken me on so many journies in my lifetime. If I could give my future kids anything… It would be experiences to be a whole person. That sounds like a tall order though! Maybe I shouldn’t put all that pressure to put on my future self as a parent. 

I’m back at San Diego now and I had some good food at the mall. Well… Food at Target/Pizza Hut. 

Then I went to Seasons52 with my family and friends and it’s a San Diego tourist MUST DO! They have the freshest ingredients they make into fun dishes!  Here’s some food snaps:

I got a pear salad to try something new and I had spinach for years to eat! I’m in the Hilton Hotel right now and for some reason, Bario Logan is geo-tagged on my snapchat…. Here’s some sunset pics:

Well I hope everyone is having a good break from school and happy holidays! 



The Blindian ✨❤️


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