Hello… Is it Me You’re Looking For? 

Well, well, well,

If it’s not me again stumbling across the ol’ press… ✨

🚨Hi Everyone!🚨

It’s Leela Hamm back in action and do I have a lot of fun things for you! I will be starting a blog that talks about school on mytrendingstories.com. It will include what it’s like to be a T.A., what it’s like to have 3 minors and how to be the best Crisis Line Conselor I can be! Yes, I’ve been up to ALOT OF THINGS. ALOT. School has kept me pretty busy because the end is near and I have to focus on graduating!

I hope you are all having a good holiday season so far. I leave for winter break today and I’m excited to start journaling and logging my hours throughout the country while I travel. I do not have a facebook or instagram (for 6months now) so you’ll have to check back in here or my snapchat if you want updates. I’m currently in the process of deciding whether or not to continue making youtube videos and how…

Anyway I hope everyone has happy holidays and here are some Geo-tag Snapchat filters I had fun experimenting with this past year on the East Coast. Send them to your boss for a day off. Like um sorry I can’t come into work today because I fell asleep on the train and ended up in Virginia! :O 


☃Happy Holidays,

Leela Hamm, “The Blindian”✨

Snapchat: @sanstomatoes


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