Alternate Travel Blogs

I’ve been quite busy with the beginning of a new school year so I’ve been absent :(. HOWEVER, I am back now and have a solution for those who still need their travel-entertainment quota filled! These are some of my favourite emails/websites/blogs I get related to travel!

Huffington Post:

I’m an avid subscriber of the Huff Post. It’s had it’s downfalls but it’s positive moments make it a spectacular site. They often cover culture and those are the links I click :). 

Note: I don’t believe there is a Huff Post app?! 



I LOVE ello! It’s for graphic designers and photo editors mostly. I even ended up taking photo editing as a hobby because of all the inspi on this site! 


I HIGHLY recommend VSCO for anyone who loves photography. It’s a genuine, creative commubity of people with the same visual medium passion. I love travel photography because there’s always new perspectives! 

Here’s how it looks in email:

Note: If you have the VSCO app, your click goes straight to it. Here’s how that looks:

Other WordPress Blogs:

Why would I show other WordPress blogs? Because this site is about community, not about who’s the best/has the most followers. How else to learn other than from your peers?

Note: When you click on a wordpress blog through email, it takes you to the site on your browser NOT the WordPress app.


Hopefully you find the site you want/need to fill your passions haha! Let me know if it’s just me you’re looking for and I’ll post more ;). 

-The Blindian


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