Poem Sunday | August 7 2016


First Poem for D in the Fields*

D in the Fields, they are not strawberry
Not of gushing red because you are yet mystic creamy ivory

The digits have been intertwined

The 14 I have made of your subscribers, will I turn out to just be the extra I seem to feel in my skin at this time? 

The lungs have been risen

No no telling telling more
The head the hurt the seizing evermore

The crinkled skin has been exposed

I want and i need but is it what you will feel?

The family not as far engaged 

Long term short term that is to be decided but by who…

The curls only in pictures 

With what hands I am guided towards this new feature, turn over a new leaf as you must, as you will. 

*reference to April Poem Sunday

-Leela Hamm, “The Blindian”

P.S. If you want IN-THE-NOW posts, add me on Snapchat @sanstomatoes


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