Where in the World? | Celebrity Travel

Hi lovlies!!

Currently in India watching a documentary on African Female rappers.. Hmm πŸ€” 

Anyway I had the great and always fab idea of a new blog post/segment!! I’m going to keep people up to date on a weekly post about where celebs are in the world and where my friends are traveling. I’m going to focus on international travel for the most part but when noone seems to be doing anything, I’ll update with different states in the U.S. Any travel is good travel. Omg, I’m going to start that #travelequality #anytravelisgoodtravel.

Submit your photos to me (email under CONTACT) and I’ll be glad to post them here on my travel blog and incorporate community! 🌞✨

Without any further udo/adoo?! Here’s where your favourite bloggers and celebs are around te world (at least the ones I like also)…

Diplo is with Calvin Harris in CA! 

Shane Dawson has ENDED his national book tour πŸ˜”. 

One of my favourite fashion/trendy bloggers is LEAVING Canada. 

Chanel Iman, my personal fave VS model is in Barbados (#Rihannaland). 

One of the coolest bloggers is in Spain! Camille is french. 

Everyone’s fave snapchatter-model, Chiara is in Ibiza (i think)

Oh and Joe Jonas is in Tokyo!


Wow, this is my most popular post so far, idk if it’s just because i’m featuring celebrities or not… Anway I have more for you πŸ˜‰ 

Joan Smalls, VS model, is in Bora Bora taking a well needed break. 

The latin cutie that is Collage Vintage is in Playa Carmen. I love testing out my spanish and portuguese following her.

And… Not travel but award for cutest celeb couple on snap goes to GWEN STEFANI AND BLAKE! 


Thanks for reading,

The Blindian 


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