What’s it Like to Be a Youtube Vlogger? 


I got asked this question the other day and I was like… Hmm. Well.. 🤔

Youtube is a great platform for video. In fact it’s number one around the globe. If you’ve heard of Vimeo, it’s like thag but more social media based (aka less serious). Like Tumblr:Ello. I’ve been using youtube for about 8 years and I’ve been publishing videos for half that time. At 75 subscribers (aka Hambones), I know alot about thumbnails and all those other random logistics. Blogging is really important to me afterall!

I’m glad this person asked what they did because it’s good to take a short break and reflect on what you’ve done. I’m really young to most adults but really old to kids, afterall!

A pessimist would say: Being a youtube vlogger takes alot of your life away from you. You have to dedicate a certain day or the week or everyday like some youtubers to getting your voice out there.

An optimist would say: Being a youtube vlogger is always filled with new things to learn and discover. Afterall, the best vlogs are the ones with unique personalities and trades to show off*.

*is youtube just about showing off your fab life?! Sometimes. Sometimes there are vloggers who are only making videos/rants to yell at people. Sometimes there are vloggers that are just in it to get money however, you don’t make that much money in the first place and you don’t start earning $$$ till 1,000 subscribers.

I would say that I have no intention of stopping. Videos are important as a learning tool for me because I am an audio/visual learner.

Here’s some crazy selfie-still from my most recent (not public) YT video.

Can anyone become a YT star? Yes and no. Anyone can upload videos to this site and talk about their feelings to recite poetry but it definitley takes personality to swoon the camera. You may not be a star, like me but at least you can have fun! 😎✨✨✨

I am so happy to have you here, thank you for being a part of my blogging journey.

-Leela Hamm, “The Blindian”

P.S. If you want IN-THE-NOW posts, add me on Snapchat @sanstomatoes


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