Poem Sunday | March 6th, 2016

So this is a poem entry which means it’s going to cover journal entries but in an artistic way! Can’t wait to share my poetry with ya’ll. These will not feature photos so the words can speak for themselves.
Thank you.

Shut up about your rolls
U are 90 pounds
Shut up about your weight
You just eat too much
Harsh statements like these i hear day to day
They make my stomach churn
So what he’s 90 pounds, he looks in the mirror day to to day and hates himself
Blood dripping down the drain, he’s slowly killing himself
As he fantasizes the perfect body his favourite models encompass
She is doing 40 situps after throwing up after doing 30 pushups
Sweat staining her clothes she has to look the way her grandmother approves.
Every holiday her grandmother tries to put her hand around her wrists and complains using two hands
That she isn’t beautiful enough
She isn’t the way the family should be represented
He wonders if people assume he’s bulimic because he runs to the bathroom every dinner time
But he can’t stand the smell of salt, fat covered meats and greasy fingers
He loves the white walls, the white of the toilet and the tub
Simplicity without the remarks stares and hate
Same as she has someone go shopping for her
Being in the plus size section even the attendants seem reluctant to help her reach for a top shelf item after the judgemental up and down
They don’t want to be judged by their weight and if u do

-Leela Hamm, “The Blindian”

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